How to prevent fires from overloading wires?


Recently, due to dry weather and relatively strong wind […]

Recently, due to dry weather and relatively strong wind, fires of various reasons have occurred frequently, which is bound to cause inconvenience in life and great loss of property. Today, I will tell you how to prevent fires from overloading wires.

1. In the process of route planning, the capacity of the site should be accurately verified, and the possibility of adding capacity in the future should be fully considered, and the appropriate type of conductor should be selected. For large capacity, thicker wire should be selected. Route planning and reasonable selection are key steps to prevent overload. If the plan is not properly selected, it will leave inherent hidden dangers that are difficult to rectify. Some small projects and sites are not carefully planned and selected. It is very risky to choose and lay lines at will. New electrical appliances and electrical equipment should fully consider the capacity of the original lines. If the original line does not meet the requirements, it should be planned and modified from the beginning.

2. The line should be constructed and laid by qualified electricians in accordance with relevant regulations. The wiring conditions directly affect the heat dissipation of the wires. Generally speaking, the wiring should not pass through flammable and combustible materials and stacks, which will cause poor heat dissipation of the wires, heat accumulation, and the possibility of igniting the surrounding combustible materials, which increases the risk of fire under overload conditions; public Lines laid in the decoration ceiling of entertainment places should be maintained through steel pipes to separate the ceiling from the lines. Even if there are molten beads in overload, short circuit, etc., they will not fall to avoid fire.

3. Strengthen power management, avoid random wiring and wiring, and use mobile sockets with caution. Random wiring, random wiring, and the use of mobile sockets are actually adding electrical equipment to a certain section of the line, which increases the amount of current and may cause overload. There are significantly more mobile socket jacks than fixed wall sockets. If too many electrical equipment are used on the mobile sockets, the original wiring must be unbearable.

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