The correct way to store power cables?


Cables can be seen everywhere, even many families have […]

Cables can be seen everywhere, even many families have cables, but there are also many families who just put the cables in one place at will, regardless of it, this has a serious impact on the service life of the cable, and it is incorrectly placed for a long time. There may be safety risks. Although the material of the cable is indispensable, the storage of the cable is more important, after all, this is related to the life and safe use of the cable.

1. You can choose under the eaves. Although some cables cannot be placed in damp places, don’t forget that they cannot be exposed to the sun or high temperature for a long time. If they are placed in the high temperature sun for a long time, the protective cover on the outside of the cable may be damaged. Cracks or peeling will affect the aesthetics, but also affect the use. Or directly hung on the external wall, but must avoid direct sunlight, and it is not easy to cause artificial damage when hung on the external wall.

2. The cable can be placed in the pipe, but it must be remembered here that if the pipe is plastic, then pay attention to the damage of the plastic pipe. If the pipe is metal, then you must pay attention to the heat conduction of the pipe and always understand the pipe. Circumstances, make sure that the cables are stored safely.

3. If you are really afraid of trouble, you might as well lay the cable directly in the cable trench, and this environment is the smallest control range. The only thing that needs to be paid attention to is to check the dryness and humidity in the cable trench regularly to avoid The rubber electric wire are affected and more troubles arise.

There are actually many places to store power cables, but there are many requirements for the places where cables are stored. After all, cables and electricity are directly related, and issues related to safety must be taken seriously. It is hoped that it can help users store cables correctly, extend their service life and use them safely.

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