What are the advantages of environmentally friendly cables


With the promotion and spread of the concept of green e […]

With the promotion and spread of the concept of green environmental protection in the world, the concept of environmental protection is gradually permeating all walks of life. With the gradual use of environmentally friendly products and gaining popularity, the wire and cable industry has also begun to attach importance to the development and promotion of environmentally friendly cables.

At present, developed countries such as Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries have higher and higher environmental protection requirements for the cables used, and the use or import of non-environmental cables has been strictly prohibited. Our country also attaches great importance to this field, and relevant laws and regulations expressly require that in the construction of major projects, it is strictly forbidden to use non-environmental protection cables. Previously, Beijing and Shanghai have also banned the use of non-environmentally friendly cables.

Traditional cables not only contain heavy metals such as lead, cadmium, mercury, but also a large amount of dioxin, lead, cadmium, halides and other public hazards in the process of manufacturing, use, and waste disposal; in case of fire, they will also be released Emitting a lot of dense smoke will also produce a lot of corrosive and harmful gases, which not only pollutes the environment, but also causes a large number of casualties. Compared with traditional cables, environmentally friendly cables and cables basically have high flame retardancy, halogen-free, low mycin, no corrosive gas, high light transmittance, and high protection against ultraviolet rays or water.

1. High flame retardancy: The environmental protection cable can fully guarantee its high building requirements for fire protection. In the event of a fire, the environmental protection cable can not only be difficult to burn, but also prevent the spread of flame and the expansion of disasters after burning.

2. Halogen-free: The use of green environmental protection insulation layer, sheath and special oxygen barrier materials not only make the environmental protection cable have good electrical and physical and mechanical properties, but also ensure that the product is halogen-free and solve the problem of burning "Secondary pollution" avoids carcinogenic "dioxin" substances produced when traditional PVC wires are burned.

3. Low toxin: The insulation and sheath of the environmental protection cable do not contain lead, cadmium and other heavy metals harmful to the human body, and will not pollute the soil and water when the environmental protection cable is used and discarded. And after harsh toxicity experiments, the white rats were safe and sound under the specified experimental conditions.

4. No corrosive gas: The use of new special coating materials that do not pollute the environment, so that environmentally friendly cables will not produce toxic gases such as HCL during production, use and combustion, and emit very little acid gas, which is harmful to personnel, equipment, and instruments. Less damage and more environmentally friendly features.

5. High light transmittance: The smoke produced when the environmental protection cable burns is extremely thin, which is conducive to the evacuation of personnel and the conduct of fire fighting. Generally speaking, the light transmittance of environmentally friendly cable products is greater than 40%, which is far higher than the standard of less than 20% for traditional flame-retardant cables and cables.

6. High protection against ultraviolet rays or water: This performance can make the environmental protection cable less likely to be weathered in use, slow down the aging speed of the environmental protection cable to a certain extent, and prolong its service life.

In general, environmentally friendly cables are a major trend. In recent years, the sales share of environmentally friendly cable products has increased sharply. Since environmentally friendly cables have the characteristics of non-toxic and non-polluting to people and the environment, high safety and reliability, and long service life, they will become the mainstream of the future cable market. Shanghai Qifan Cable firmly grasps the industry's pioneering trend, increases investment in scientific research and development, and successively develops environmentally friendly products such as low-smoke, halogen-free, flame-retardant cables and mineral insulated cables with outstanding environmental performance, which will surely be applied in the future with high environmental requirements Gain a larger market share in China.

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