What are the precautions for installation and use of cable waterproof joints


Cable waterproof joints can be applied to environments […]

Cable waterproof joints can be applied to environments with water to provide safe and reliable connector joints. The most important thing is that they can achieve waterproof effects. So what should be paid attention to during installation and use of cable waterproof joints?

1. Choose suitable joint materials according to the type and specifications of the cable joints. Nowadays, the quality of the rubber cable joint materials is also uneven. However, in order to ensure the quality of the cable joints, it is recommended not to be cheap, and it is best to choose the materials of the reliable cable joint manufacturers.

2. It is best not to choose rainy days for cable joints, because water in the cable will seriously affect the service life of the cable, and even short-circuit accidents may occur in serious cases.

3. Be sure to read the manufacturer's product manual carefully before making the cable waterproof connector. This is especially important for cables of 10kV and above. Think about all the processes before doing it.

4. For terminal connectors of single-core armored cables above 10kV, remember that only one end of the steel belt can be grounded.

5. Do not use too much force when pressing the copper pipe, as long as it is crimped in place, the copper end face after crimping is bound to have many raised points, this must be flattened with a file, and no burrs should be left.

6. When using the blowtorch with heat shrinkable cable joint, pay attention to the torch moving back and forth, and not just keep the blowtorch in one direction.

7. The size of the cold-shrinkable cable connector must be strictly in accordance with the drawings, especially when pulling out the support in the reserved tube, be more careful.

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