What are the types of fireproof cables


Fire-resistant wire and cable is a general term for cab […]

Fire-resistant wire and cable is a general term for cable products with fire-resistant performance, which can generally be divided into two categories: flame-retardant cables and fire-resistant cables. From the point of view of fire safety and fire rescue, there are more and more requirements for the fire performance of cables, such as:
Flame retardant: This cable type product can block and delay the spread of fire, so that the fire will not expand.
Fire resistance: It can maintain normal operation for a certain period of time under the condition of flame burning, that is, maintain the integrity of the original circuit.
Halogen-free: The material that constitutes the cable does not contain halogen, and the corrosiveness of its combustion products will be relatively low.
Low halogen: The materials constituting the cable can contain halogen, but the content will be relatively low.
Low smoke: When the wire and cable burn, the smoke and dust will be less, that is, the light transmittance will be higher.
Low toxicity: The gas generated when the cable material is burned will have relatively low toxicity.

The research and development of flame-retardant and fire-resistant cables in my country began in 1982. After five years, in 1987, many cable manufacturers have already begun production and recognized by users. In view of the confusion about the naming of the burning characteristics and the cable type at that time, some people used the burning characteristics of the wire and cable corresponding to the burning test method to classify the fire-resistant wire and cable products, and used the Chinese pinyin as the first letter to finalize the corresponding The prefix of the ordinary wire and cable model is used. Among them, the flame-retardant wire and cable type ZR and the fire-resistant cable type NH have been used today.
With the many new developments made in the continuous development and research of fire-resistant cables, many of the original models are no longer in use. In addition, more and more manufacturers are in production. When formulating corporate standards, they also choose what they need for products related to cable models, which has caused new confusion. At present, the most prominent point is that the combustion and characteristics of wires and cables are the same, but their names and models are different. The industry and users strongly demand to change the status quo, hoping to unify the cable models.
To this end, the editor can give a method for compiling fire-resistant wire and cable models for your reference when compiling corporate standards or industry standards.
The compilation principle of fireproof wire and cable model:
(1) A model must correspond to a combustion characteristic, there are corresponding test methods and specific indicators that can be evaluated, and it is expressed in the first letter of the Chinese pinyin, as simple as possible;
(2) The type of fireproof cable must be prefixed before the type code of ordinary wire and cable;
(3) The inherent combustion characteristics of ordinary wires and cables are not available for other models;
(4) There must be room for supplementary development in the future.

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