Where are rubber cables used?


The rubber cable is suitable for electrical appliances, […]

The rubber cable is suitable for electrical appliances, power tools, all kinds of mobile electrical equipment, and the connection lines of electric welding machines and welding tongs with AC bai rated voltage of 450/750V and below. dao rubber cable YH rubber-sheathed cable consists of multiple strands of thin copper wires as the inner conductor, outsourcing rubber insulation and rubber sheath, soft and movable. Rubber cables generally include general rubber-sheathed flexible cables, electric welding machine cables, submersible motor cables, and radio Equipment rubber sheathed cables and photographic light source rubber sheathed cables. Rubber sheathed cables are mobile power cables widely used in various electrical equipment such as household appliances, electrical machinery, electrical equipment and appliances, and can be used in indoor or outdoor environmental conditions.

According to the external mechanical force of the rubber-sheathed cable, the product structure can be divided into three categories: light, medium and heavy-duty. Under normal circumstances: light-duty rubber-sheathed cables are used for household appliances and small electric equipment, requiring softness and lightness. Good bending performance; In addition to industrial applications, medium-sized rubber-sheathed cables are also used in agricultural electrification. Heavy-duty cables are used in such occasions as port machinery, searchlights, and large-scale water-powered irrigation and drainage stations for households. Waterproof rubber cable and submersible pump cable are mainly used for submersible motors. The model is JHS, JHSB rubber cable and rubber cable for radio devices. At present, our factory mainly produces two kinds of rubber cable, WYHD, WYHDP, the former is unshielded, and the latter. With shielding layer.More about us:

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   Rubber sheathed cable products for photography, in line with the development of new light sources, have a small structure and good performance, while meeting the needs of indoor and outdoor work. Rubber cable rubber cable is divided into heavy rubber cable (YC cable, YCW cable), medium rubber cable (YZ cable, YZW cable), light rubber cable (YQ cable, YQW cable), waterproof rubber cable Cable (JHS cable, JHSB cable), electric welding machine rubber sheathed flexible cable, welding handle wire (YH cable, YHF cable) YHD rubber sheathed flexible cable is a tin-plated power connection line for the field. Rubber cable electric welding machine rubber sheathed soft cable YH, YHF welding handle wire is suitable for the secondary side wiring and connecting electric welding tongs for the electric welding machine with the voltage to the ground not exceeding 200V and the pulsating DC peak 400V. It is suitable for the secondary side wiring and The special cable connected to the welding tongs, the rated voltage AC does not exceed 200V and the pulsating DC peak value is 400V. The structure is a single core, which is made of multiple strands of flexible wires.

The conductive wire core is wrapped with heat-resistant polyester film insulation tape, and the outermost layer is made of rubber insulation and sheath as the protective layer. Waterproof rubber-sheathed flexible cables JHS JHSP, JHS type waterproof rubber-sheathed cables are used to transmit electric energy to submersible motors with AC voltage of 500V and below. It has good electrical insulation performance under long-term water immersion and high water pressure. The waterproof rubber cable has good bending performance and can withstand frequent movement. The main performance of general rubber-sheathed cables: Rated voltage U0/U is 300/500 (YZ type), 450/750 (YC type); the long-term working temperature of the core should not exceed 65℃; the "W" type cable has weather resistance and Certain oil resistance, suitable for use outdoors or in contact with oil pollution; the secondary ground voltage of the rubber sheathed cable of the electric welding machine does not exceed 200V, and the peak value of DC does not exceed 400V. General rubber sheathed flexible cables for rubber cables are generally divided into "light, medium, and heavy" product structures.

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