What is the general rubber plastic soft power cord suitable for?


The rubber-plastic soft power cord is a composite proce […]

The rubber-plastic soft power cord is a composite processing of the power cord and rubber. The components of the power cord are usually wrapped with rubber. The insulation of the rubber is super strong. It is a cable that is constantly explored and researched through a very stable and mature production process. It is also a commonly used connection cable for household appliances. Next, Jinhaotai editor introduces what is rubber plastic soft power cord? What are the general rubber flexible power cords suitable for?
1. Scope of application: It is mainly suitable for the connection of medium and light mobile appliances (household appliances, power tools, etc.), instruments, and power lighting; the working voltage is 750V and below, and most of them are AC 300C.
2. Because the product must be moved, bent, twisted, etc. frequently during use, the power cord is required to be soft, stable in structure, not easy to twist, and have certain wear resistance; the plastic sheathed rubber power cord can be laid directly in the soil.
3. The grounding wire adopts yellow-green dual-color wire, and other cores in the rubber power cord are not allowed to use yellow-green cores.
4. When used as a power connection cable for electric appliances, braided rubber insulated cords or rubber insulated cords should be used as appropriate.
5. The structure is simple and light.
6. Structure
1) Conductive power core: copper core, flexible structure, twisted by multiple single wire bundles; flexible conductors generally use conductor structure of category 5 or 6.
2) Insulation: Insulation materials generally use natural styrene butadiene rubber, polyvinyl chloride or soft polyethylene plastic.
3) The multiple of cable pitch is small.
4) The outer protective layer is woven with cotton yarn to avoid overheating and scalding the insulating layer.
5) In order to facilitate use and simplify the production process, the three-core balanced structure is adopted, which can save production time and improve production efficiency.

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