What is the difference between flat wire and round wire?


For friends who are engaged in the crane, crane, and tr […]

For friends who are engaged in the crane, crane, and trolley industries, they must be familiar with the new material of flat cable. As a mobile flexible profile, the role of flat cables in these devices is crucial. So do you know the difference between flat wire and round wire? Let's take a look together below!

In fact, the most direct difference between flat wires and round wires is the shape, one is flat and the other is round. The flat cable is mainly used for mobile laying, and because of its strong torsion and tensile performance, the number of round-trip bending is greater than that of the round cable. Round cables are used for fixed laying. Round cables with a small cross-sectional area can also be used for mobile laying. However, in comparison, flat cables with multi-core wires have better heat dissipation than round cables.

H05RNH2-F 2×1.5mm² Flat Rubber Cable VDE Approved

For example, in the port, we often see some cranes busy at various piers, and places like the port can be said to have convenient transportation, but also the temperature difference is obvious, especially in summer and winter, if it is said that the cranes do not stop for a long time every day Twisting and rotating, and the flat cable supporting it is an ordinary cable. Under such harsh conditions, it is prone to aging and fragile breakage, so the danger will increase by N times.

If it is a flat cable, then the problem will be solved, because the flat cable has strong torsion resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance. Therefore, it has unique advantages in harsh environments. Research shows that it is at -15℃~ In the range of 80°C, flat cables can work without pressure, and because of this, they have become an indispensable part of these large and small devices.

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